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Film In Svalbard?

Svalbard is a popular Arctic location for filmmakers and content creators alike. If you are seeking local help to film in the remote high-arctic wilderness of Svalbard, fill out the contact form to request film production-specific advice.

Hello, my name is Jannicke Mikkelsen, and I am the founder of the film production company O2XR located in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, and operate the ‘Film In Svalbard’ website to help other film productions succeed. I’m a cinematographer and Svalbard news reporter & correspondent for TV and radio. You can read more about me here. 


Svalbard is a small community of 2500 people who mainly reside in the main town Longyearbyen. Many film productions film in Svalbard and we have an excellent infrastructure to accommodate film productions of all sizes. However, each production requires meticulous pre-production to succeed. 

Since moving to Svalbard, I help other film productions find their way here, whether you need a cinematographer who is used to working under polar conditions, help to coordinate your Svalbard film shoot, fact check your Svalbard story, or simply help seeking polar bear guards and local Svalbard guides.

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